Classic-Style & Contemporary-Style Patio Doors

What’s The Difference?

Giving your home a beautiful view of your backyard, garden or deck is easy with Window World of Joliet’s replacement patio doors. Bathe interior spaces with welcoming light and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. At Window World we offer the highest quality collection Energy Star rated patio door styles and designs. 

Our sliding patio doors come in a variety of styles to make sure you are getting a product that you’ll love. These doors work well in rooms with limited space, allowing for more flexibility with your home’s interior layout. They are also customizable in width and height to meet the needs of your home. Two popular options include Classic-Style and Contemporary-Style. 


Classic-Style patio doors are framed with 5-inch rails to provide a high performing infrastructure. These doors will enhance your home with a crisp, clean-line appearance and act as a powerful shield to protect against inclement weather. Our thoughtfully designed Classic-Style sliding patio door is a longtime favorite for its timeless beauty and superb construction. 


Unlike the Classic-Style, Contemporary-Style patio doors are framed with 3-inch rails. This allows for a generous glass area that offers maximum daylight into your home. Contemporary-Style’s refreshing design features both heavy-duty construction and a high-performing glass system to ensure years of superior durability and energy efficiency. These doors are built to endure everyday wear and tear and provide a beautiful entry for your home.

Although these patio doors present different benefits, they both come in a variety of color and design options. This includes both exterior and interior colors, interior grids, cut glass, and decorative handles. 

These features make it easy to customize the perfect patio door for your home. Our patio doors offer exceptional style and durability, so you don’t have to worry about them underperforming. At Window World of Joliet, there’s a patio door for every function, budget, and style. 

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