Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

Yes, we all hate it!

We know that no one likes to clean and everyone is very busy in this day and age. It seems like we do not have time to keep up the household but, set aside an hour or two every couple of weeks to dedicate to cleaning your windows and doors.

Spring cleaning will not only make your home look better, but also bring a lighter feel to your home. Create a little happiness by letting the sunshine in. You will feel completely renewed! Take a look at our video below.

As you begin your cleaning process, start by clearing out the extra dirt, cobwebs, leaves, etc. Use a broom to carefully sweep the outside and inside areas of your doors. Use a soft brush for your windows to remove debris.

After, give your doors and windows a good wipe down. Start with only water and wipe the inside and outside of your door, as well as the framing of your windows. Do a quick rinse before you begin scrubbing.

Window World recommends your preferred off-the-shelf window cleaner for your windows. Try to clean the windows while the sun is shining through it, the ammonia in the cleaner will dry too fast and create streaks. Be sure to clean both sides of the windows and consider using a squeegee to minimize streaks or smears. Some people prefer dish soap with water or water mixed with vinegar for doors. You can simply use water. Repeat the process every couple of weeks. After, relax and enjoy the view!

If you notice any damage while cleaning your doors or windows, don’t wait to replace them. Window World is ready to assist you with any questions you may have about your upcoming home improvement projects. Book an estimate for your newest project. Get a free in-home demo today!

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