How to Fix Dropping Windows

In most cases, a window that drops is due to the shoes coming off of the pivot bar.

  1. Use a flat blade screwdriver and insert it into the metal part of the shoe that has a “U” shape grove in it. The upright “U” is the locked position for the shoe. In the next step, we will be “unlocking” the shoe to allow for adjustment.
  2. Using a fair amount of force, turn the screwdriver clockwise until the “U” turns into a “C” shape. This is the unlocked position shown in Figure 1. NOTE: The shoe is spring-loaded. Make sure to hold the shoe so that it doesn’t go all the way up. You may need an additional person to help.
  3. Bring the shoe up 3″-4″ and twist the screwdriver back counterclockwise to bring the grove back to the “U” or locked position as shown in Figure 2. You can now remove the flat head screwdriver that was holding the shoe as shown in Figure 3.
  4. Now bring the sash down to the level of the shoe.
  5. With the tilt latch, tilt the window open as shown in Figure 4. Please ensure that the sash is level to the floor.
  6. Press on the window near the shoe to force it into the shoe.
  7. Close the sash.
  8. Pull the sash UPWARD to ensure the shoe has engaged. If the shoe has engaged, you will need to repeat steps D through G. If the shoe is properly connected you will not see it any longer and the window will function properly. NOTE: Do not remove sash unless absolutely necessary.

Watch our video below to learn more.

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