Top Benefits of Storm Doors

Protecting Your Window World Entry Doors with Storm Doors

Window World creates first impressions. Your home’s entry door is the first thing visitors will see. We offer many custom options to give your home a modern, warm and welcoming feel. We encourage potential customers to purchase a Window World storm door with an entry door. Not only for more protection but to also increase energy-efficiency and curb appeal.

Here are The Top 5 Benefits of Window World Storm Doors

1. Enhance Energy Efficiency

According to the US Department of Energy, looking for ENERGY STAR products and installing storm windows and doors will save energy and improve the comfort of your home. Air infiltrates into and out of your home through every hole and crack. About 20% of this air infiltrates through openings in your windows, doors, and skylights. Storm windows [on storm doors] reduce heat loss through windows by 25% to 50%.

Window World carries a number of replacement doors that offer excellent energy efficiency. By choosing a Therma-Tru® entry door, your energy-efficient options are endless. You also receive protection against unwanted temperature changes with a properly installed and sealed entry door. And with a Window World storm door, 99 percent of UV rays are blocked, which keeps the interior of your home cooler. It is important to add an extra layer to your entry door to decrease your energy use and in turn, lower your monthly utility bill.

2. Improved Security

The Larson Premium Full View Storm Door is equipped with solid brass or brushed nickel interior and exterior handle. In addition to a BUILT-IN™ deadbolt security lock. Above all, we know you need to keep your family safe. Therefore, it is important to have an extra layer of protection.

3. Enhanced Curb Appeal

To begin with, the Larson Premium Full View Storm Door offers protection against the elements while it showcases the front entryway. The elegant frame design with overlapping edges conceals hinges and eliminates gaps which in brief produces a more refined look. The designer trim strip conceals exterior mounting screws to create a clean-cut appearance.

Premium Full View Doors are also available with Low-E glass in select sizes and colors and are available in clear or decorative glass. Custom options are endless.

A lifetime warranty is offered with The Larson Premium Full View Storm Door. Some restrictions may apply. Please see complete warranty information.

4. Increased Natural Lighting

Bathe interior spaces with welcoming light and create a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Without a storm door to let in natural lighting, your entrance halls seem dull and lifeless. A bright entryway is always more inviting and more natural lighting will not only improve your mood but also create a brighter and welcoming home. In addition, the Larson Premium Full View Storm Door also comes with a self-storing screen which is convenient if cross ventilation in the house is desired without the inconvenience of removing and storing a glass or screen panel.

To summarize, storm doors improve energy efficiency, security, and ventilation. In addition to increased curb appeal and natural lighting. Window World is rated #1 in customer satisfaction by J.D. Power. Request your free estimate for your entry and storm door today!

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