Window World of Joliet Specialty Windows

Geometric Designs & New Window Openings

Curves, angles, arches, circles, ovals, octagons—Window World of Joliet offers them all. These fixed glass geometric shaped windows will enhance the architecture of any home and can be standalone or combined with other window styles to create a beautifully unique window! 

Window World of Joliet is one of the only custom window companies in the Joliet area to offer custom shaped window manufacturing and installation. Below are the most common window options.

What Are Your Options?

Circle Top: 

A semi-circular window typically pairs with a rectangular-shaped window or entry door.


A narrow, arched window that allows natural light.

Eyebrow w/ Extended Edges:

Sides have added length to create a slightly different shape.

Half Eyebrow:

Split into two sections, it highlights a home’s architectural design.

Half Eyebrow w/ Extended Edges: 

Similar to half eyebrow, this window has vertical edges to create more space for light.

Regardless of the geometric style you choose, your home will become more energy-efficient, as each of our special shaped windows is available with Low-E energy efficient glass, which can save you up to 24% on monthly energy costs! 

No maintenance geometric windows from Window World of Joliet are custom manufactured to meet your Joliet area home’s personal style and taste. 

Replacing your old, drafty windows with Window World of Joliet’s high-quality replacement windows is one of the best home improvement decisions you can make! While saving money on long-term energy costs, you’ll also be adding to the property value and overall beauty of your home!

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