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The hardest part of the home improvement process is visualizing what the final product will look like. With Window World of Joliet’s unique Design Software, envisioning new products on your home becomes as easy as a few clicks of a mouse. Not only is it simple to use and navigate, but the Design Center also brings your future project to life. Additionally, the convenient “Print” option provides a hard copy of your selections. You are able to use it for inspiration during your in-home consultation. Check out our Visualizer.

Window World of Joliet Virtual Design Center
Window World of Joliet Virtual Design Center

The Visualizer…Click Here to Start Designing!

To begin with, using the Visualizer, you may choose from an array of window options and configurations, with various color schemes, grid layouts, and glass designs. Lending to realism, the showcase allows you to select wall colors, molding and floor options to resemble your room and the ultimate result of the project as closely as possible.

In addition, Window World of Joliet also offers the option to view various siding colors and styles. It begins with different house styles used throughout the United States. After selecting your house style, you can choose from various siding and accent profiles. Also, view a different selection of entry door and shutter colors. We have provided recommended colors to help you get started, however, we encourage you to create a palette unique to your own taste.

See how Window World of Joliet products can improve your home’s curb appeal. Our Visualizer software allows you to upload a picture of your own home. You are able to experiment with different windows, siding, and doors. Take advantage of our Visualizer and take the guesswork out of your home improvement project. Visualize your dream home.

Furthermore, you may request to have a design consultant to help you put together your ideas. Schedule a free estimate today by filling out our form or by calling (815) 729-3100. We’ll be in touch with you to help you decide the best option to fit your style and budget. We look forward to working with you!

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