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Double Hung Windows

  • Convenient operation and an attractive, traditional style
  • Easy to clean with tilt-out upper and lower sashes
  • Versatile with many size and design options

4000 & 6000 Series Windows

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At Window World, we are praised for elegant and high quality double hung windows. Energy efficient all year long, our models are strategically engineered to endure the elements while looking beautiful and saving energy. Browse our Double Hung styles below!

Double Hung Windows

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Our 4000 series double hung model is the epitome of efficiency. We engineer our 4000 series to endure the elements, but also save you money and perform year-round. Scroll through the benefits below to see why our 4000 series double hung window is ideal for your home and your wallet!

4000 Series Look & Feel

  • Low profile design
  • Smooth and uniform sill
  • Expanded glass area

Discover More About Window Worlds 4000 Series Windows

6000 Series Double Hung Windows

The 6000 Series Double Hung window from Window World of Joliet is the most effective product we offer. It’s the hallmark of beauty, performance, and efficiency, and it can help you save money and boost curb appeal year-round, guaranteed. Learn more about our 6000 series below!

6000 Series Look & Feel

  • Vinyl frames and sashes resist chipping, peeling, cracking and warping
  • Full & half fiberglass screen options to repel insects
  • Drop-in glazing adds interior appeal
  • Classic double hung pane alignment for a timeless
    curb appeal
  • Hidden screen track for clean lines

Explore More Options for Window Worlds 6000 Series Windows

SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package

Thermal Performance Comparison*

Double Hung

Clear Glass Double-Hung
U-Value: 0.46 SHGC: 0.59

SolarZone Double-Hung
U-Value: 0.29 SHGC: 0.3

SolarZone ThermD Elite Double-Hung
U-Value: 0.27 SHGC: 0.21

SolarZone ThermD iE Double-Hung
U-Value: 0.27 SHGC: 0.3


Clear Glass Sliding
U-Value: 0.45 SHGC: 0.59

SolarZone Sliding
U-Value: 0.28 SHGC: 0.3

SolarZone ThermD Elite Sliding
U-Value: 0.27 SHGC: 0.21

SolarZone ThermD iE Sliding
U-Value: 0.27 SHGC: 0.3

*Whole window values are based on double-strength glass, standard 4000 Series offering with
composite reinforcements. ST and HP performance values are also available.

Air/Water/Structural Results Window World 4000

  • Air/cfm – 0.4
  • Water/psf – 6.0
  • Structural – DP40

Home room with double hung windows

Discover More – Double Hung Replacement Windows

Double Hung Windows

Learn more about our Energy Star rated double hung replacement windows.

Replacement Window Reviews:
 "Our new windows are a big improvement over the builder-grade windows that came with the house. We have noticed a significant reduction in our AC and heat bills, and they have definitely reduced the amount of outside noise that we hear. I am very happy with the new windows from Window World and really appreciate the fact that the company stands behind its products. Thanks!" 6/4/2016,  Joliet, IL - Karen C.
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