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Which Window Style Works Best for Your Joliet Home?

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Like many areas throughout the country, Joliet has a blend of home styles ranging from older Georgian to newly built contemporary. Each style has unique, defining features, so how do you select a window style to match your home? We have a guide below to help you determine the windows that will meet your needs and blend seamlessly with your home’s exterior.

Replacement Windows for Modern Style Homes

mid century modern home with replacement windows

Key characteristics of a contemporary design

Contemporary style homes often showcase an asymmetrical exterior with geometric details. With flatter roof pitches and clean design lines, modern homes often avoid screens or grids on their windows to help blend with the simplicity and minimalistic look. Contemporary home window frames are often seen in white or black color options.

Popular replacement window styles for contemporary homes:

Replacement Windows for Craftsman Style Homes

home with replacement windows

Key characteristics of a craftsman design 

A traditional craftsman style home features dimension and is built with a low pitch roof for a “stocky” appearance. Smaller bungalows and cottage homes also carry many of the same features of the craftsman style. The exterior color scheme is almost always a blend of earthy and neutral tones, so window frame colors are selected to match.

Popular replacement window styles for craftsman style homes:

Replacement Windows for Historic Style Homes

Front view of colonial style home with custom windows

Key characteristics of a historic design

If you live in a colonial, Victorian, Georgian or Greek revival home, you know your home has a lot of character and historic value. Homes from these eras share some common features, including steep roof pitches, symmetrical build and (for most) a very rectangular structure. In an effort to preserve the history of your home, our specialists will use more simplistic style windows typically with white frames and grids.

Popular replacement window styles for historic style homes:

Other window considerations: