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Replacement Windows

How Long Do Windows Last: A Guide to the Lifespan of Your Windows

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When there isn’t visible damage, you might take your home’s windows for granted. They very well may be in great shape! However, if you aren’t sure how old your windows are, you may not notice signs their condition is deteriorating. Learn about the expected lifespan of your windows and how to tell when it’s time for replacement. 

How Long Do Windows Typically Last?

Residential windows typically last about 20 years, with some lasting up to 30 years. Taking good care of your windows will help extend this length past the 20-year mark. However, you should investigate your windows closely if they were installed more than 20 years ago to check that they’re still in good shape. Even if they don’t last their full lifetime, you’re in good hands with Window World of Joliet. Our windows are covered with a limited lifetime transferable warranty for your peace of mind. 

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How to Prolong Your Windows’ Lifespan

It makes sense to get your money’s worth out of your home’s windows before seeking replacements. However, there comes a point when it makes more sense to replace than to continue to shore up poor-performing windows. As long as your windows aren’t contributing to pesky drafts or higher monthly energy bills, you can continue to make the most of them. Extend the lifespan of your windows with these ideas: 

7 Signs It’s Time for Replacement Windows

There comes a point when repairing your windows simply doesn’t make sense. Whether due to age or extensive yet necessary repairs, sometimes it makes more sense to upgrade to replacement windows. If you’re noticing more than one of these signs, it’s time to get in touch for replacements. 

  1. Visible Damage: Any cracks in panes could worsen or even break, leaving your home vulnerable.
  2. Drafts or Air Leaks: More than an inconvenience, drafty windows drive up your utility bills and decrease your home’s comfort.
  3. Higher Energy Bills: If your energy bills are higher without changes in your household usage, investigate your windows. Older models are not energy efficient.  
  4. Hard to Open or Close: Every window can have trouble opening and closing, but if you’ve tried fixing it multiple times, it’s time to replace.
  5. Worsened Allergy Symptoms: Seasonal allergens may come in through cracks in your seals. If you’ve been sniffling more than usual, check your windows. 
  6. Condensation Between Panes: This indicates the seal between your panes has failed and the insulating gas inside has escaped. 
  7. No Sound Dampening: Hearing that lawn mower too clearly? Replace your windows for better sound dampening and restored peace. 
double hung windows in sitting room

Benefits of Replacement Windows

Deciding to replace your windows is a decision you shouldn’t take lightly, but given the investment into your home (and its value), it will pay off in the long run

Improved Energy Efficiency

The technological advances in replacement windows, like our Low-E glass, make them energy efficient, keeping your home comfortable year-round. Your heated or cooled air won’t escape through cracks like older windows, saving you money over time.  

Increased Safety and Security

Older windows, especially with cracked panes or failing seals, can more easily compromise the safety of your home. With replacement windows, you’ll have a stronger exterior that you can count on to protect your home and everything inside. 

Curb Appeal

Your old windows may be out of style, with chipped or flaking paint and single panes. Sprucing up with replacement windows can revitalize your home, modernizing and customizing to better match your personal taste. 

Trust Window World of Joliet

When your windows aren’t serving your home’s needs, it’s time for replacement. Our team makes window replacement easy, from your in-home consultation to our trained installers’ expert work. Combine that with an affordable price point and beautiful windows you’ll love for decades and you can expect plenty of curb appeal for the next 20—or more—years. Get in touch for your free estimate today, or give us a call to learn more.