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Get Ready for Spring Cleaning

Yes, we all hate it! We know that no one likes to clean and everyone is very busy in this day and age. It seems like we do not have time to keep up the household but, set aside an hour or two every couple of weeks to dedicate to cleaning your windows and doors. Spring cleaning will… Read more »


Understanding Common Household Condensation

Six Simple Solutions for Controlling Indoor Humidity Common household condensation, or “sweating” on windows is caused by excess humidity or water vapor in the home. When this water vapor in the air comes in contact with a cold surface such as a mirror or window glass, it turns to water droplets and is called condensation…. Read more »


5 Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows are a big investment and they do last a long time…but not forever. Sometimes, windows can be repaired. Maybe your issue is covered under warranty. You should investigate that. Usually, though, we find that people generally know when windows need to be replaced. If you’re experiencing any of these signs, it’s probably time to… Read more »


What is the best replacement window?

The best replacement windows to retrofit old windows or add to new construction are manufactured from vinyl and aluminum. The value of a window, price, and total installation cost vary depending on performance measurements and energy efficiency testing. The NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) and Energy Star have partnered to created a 4 part standard… Read more »


Window World | Replacement Window Reviews

Call Us Today at (815) 729-3100 or Request A Free Quote Window World of Joliet offers: Multiple Financing Options The Industry’s Strongest Limited Lifetime Warranty 10 Premium Windows Installed for $89 A Month Customer Reviews Installation: Window Replacement Review – Energy Efficiency  “Three windows in 90 minutes in freezing twelve-degree winter weather. We had our first… Read more »


Compare Window World Double Hung vs Sliding Windows with SolarZone

SolarZone™ Insulated Glass Package Thermal Performance Comparison* Clear Glass Double-Hung U-Value: 0.46 SHGC: 0.59 Clear Glass Sliding U-Value: 0.45 SHGC: 0.59 SolarZone Double-Hung U-Value: 0.29 SHGC: 0.3 SolarZone Sliding U-Value: 0.28 SHGC: 0.3 SolarZone ThermD Elite Double-Hung U-Value: 0.27 SHGC: 0.21 SolarZone ThermD Elite Sliding U-Value: 0.27 SHGC: 0.21 SolarZone ThermD iE Double-Hung U-Value: 0.27… Read more »


Classica Collection® Garage Doors

Call Today: (815) 729-3100 Request A Free Quote Classica Collection® Classica Collection® Garage DoorsLooks can be deceiving. From a distance, you see wood. Up close, it’s sturdy, durable, low-maintenance steel. The Classica Collection of Carriage House Doors. Precision-shaped doors in fresh, clean, classic carriage house styles that go up and down like traditional garage doors…. Read more »


Fimbel Designer’s Choice & Olympus Garage Doors

Call Today: (815) 729-3100 Request A Free Quote Fimbel® Designer’s Choice & Olympus Collections Fimbel® Designer’s Choice & Olympus Garage DoorsDesign and energy efficiency make Designer’s Choice and Olympus doors popular models. With triple-layer construction, a thermal seal, and superior insulation with an R-value of 19.40 or 14.46, these durable, low-maintenance doors give you the… Read more »


Heritage & Stratford Garage Doors

Call Today: (815) 729-3100 Request A Free Quote Heritage™ & Stratford® Collections Heritage™ & Stratford® Garage DoorsTradition never goes out of style. Choose from four different panel designs to create the steel garage door you always wanted. The Heritage Collection provides a heavier gauge steel, and both collections feature durable low-maintenance doors in your choice… Read more »


Oak Summit Garage Doors

Call Today: (815) 729-3100 Request A Free Quote Oak Summit® Garage DoorsSelf-Expression shouldn’t cost a fortune. With Amarr’s Oak Summit Collection it won’t. These durable steel doors offer an attractive carriage house look. Choose from a variety of door colors, decorative hardware, and window accents. Customize your home with Amarr’s most affordable carriage house door…. Read more »